Back to School: A to Z for BCLS!

 In Operations

A is for Affordable. We keep our rental rates affordable for all!

B is for Bridge. The surface of our bridge was salvaged from a former Greenbridge housing development.

C is for Community. We are Bethaday Community Learning Space and we do it for you!

D is for Dick Thurnau. He was a huge advocate for the park and for us being a part of it!

E is for Events. Whether a wedding, conference or meeting, we strive to make yours extra special!

F is for Fan Belt. Our Boardroom is adorned with recycled fan belt wall art!

G is for Guests. When you are here we treat you like family!

H is for Hose Wall. Discarded fire hose clads one of the walls in our Classrooms!

I is for Imagination. Think of our facility as a blank slate. What it can be is up to your imagination!

J is for Jovial. You and your guests will leave here feeling jovial and jubilant!

K is for King County. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today!

L is for LEED-Certified. We have $100,000 worth of re-used materials at BCLS!

M is for Mural. Tony Taj painted us our very own city-scape mural in honor of TAF’s 20th anniversary!

N is for Nature. We are surrounded by huge trees, rain gardens, and a 40 acre park!

O is for Outdoors. Take your next event outdoors at BCLS!

P is for Parklex Mosaic. Our beautiful external and internal mosaic was made from donated Parklex material from Northshore Metal.

Q is for Quality. We provide top-notch customer service and a high-quality facility.

R is for Road Signs. Road sign wall finishes were salvaged from the King County Maintenance Yard!

S is for STEM education. All rentals at BCLS support TAF programs!

T is for TAF! Technology Access Foundation is who we are.

U is for Unique. Our Miller Hull architects designed our building to be oh so unique!

V is for Value. We give you a great one!

W is for White Center. We love our neighborhood!

X is for Xenial: a friendly relationship between a hospitable host and his or her guests.

Y is for Youth. The youth are the reason we do what we do, and you can support them too!

Z is for Zealous. We are extremely zealous to help you plan the best event ever at BCLS!


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