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This spring, Evergreen High School youth, advisors, and community activists came together at BCLS for their first annual Youth Leadership Summit. They spent the day thinking about leadership, identity, school culture, and the power of setting goals. The young folks learned some valuable lessons from volunteer speakers and were encouraged to take action in their school.

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Through a partnership with Evergreen High School and White Center Community Development Association, we are proud to participate in impacting the youth in our neighborhood! Here’s what some of them gained from the summit:

“Build networks with other people, don’t be afraid to express yourself.”

“Balance your heart and mind and be honest with yourself.”

“To be a leader you need to lead by example.”

“A person does not have to have a title in order to take on a leadership role.”

“I learned that you are the hero of your own story.”

Their sessions included topics like: Successful Thinking, From White Center to the White House, What Does it Mean for People of Color to be in Leadership Roles, Learning to Lead Games with a Purpose, and Understanding the History of Racism in Education. Here’s some action that the youth plan to take after attending the summit:

“I will be an example of what a leader should be, and help build other leaders. I might be involved in other leadership classes or ASB.”

“Speak up with my opinion and ideas and also make sure everyone has a voice.”

“I would like to be myself more. Because I believe myself. TRUST YOURSELF!”

When we empower the youth to be leaders, we build a sustainable path of positive change for the future. At BCLS, we are all about power to the youth. Thank you to Evergreen High School for making change with us!

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