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The impact that COVID-19 has on the world currently is one of the most unpredictable, unnerving events in the history of our global health. Seattle, although tucked away in the crest of the PNW, is no exception to the rule; we have been hit hard by the distressing reality that pandemics cause, including a statewide shut down of all schools, compromised transportation systems, temporary banning of all public gatherings, thousands of deterred working class employees, thousands more unaccompanied minors seeking food and general care, and of course, the panicked toilet paper hoarders that have yet to realize the inefficiency of their actions. The impact is deeper for our communities of color, who not only have been left out of major decision making regarding Seattle’s plan of action, but will likely be affected most by the measures being taken. That being said, we are supporting each other by doing what we can to help out – members of the community are stepping up to provide free meals, financial assistance, educational resources, and other proactive guides to help lessen the impact this has on all of us.

Here is a running list of resources made for and by our community: 

Everyday, there are more and more resources being added to the list. We hope you find these useful and if you have any resources you’d like to share, please send us an email!

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