Geneva Sharpe – An Essential Sweetness at BCLS

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Geneva Sharpe – Operations Manager

Anyone who has held an event at Bethaday Community Learning Space (BCLS) has likely encountered Geneva Sharpe, Technology Access Foundation’s (TAF) Operations Manager. You might remember her for her warm smile, boisterous and contagious laughter, and her first-class customer service.

“When you host your event at BCLS the building comes to life. All the sudden the building has a heartbeat – it has a soul. The positive energy comes alive and people walk away with that energy and positivity.”  

Geneva got the chills when she told me this. Not only is Geneva a powerhouse TAF staff member, she’s also a TAF Academy alumnus parent. Her son Cameron graduated from the Academy in 2012 with the first class that spent all four of their high school years in our school. She describes herself as “one of those pushy parents” that was heavily involved with her child’s education.

Geneva and her son Cameron.

That’s how Geneva initially became involved with TAF, and later this year she will be celebrating five years of being a TAF employee. Geneva has been working at TAF’s BCLS since we opened in 2012. When asked how things have changed since 2012, she says that nowadays TAF is becoming a household word. “We are being recognized more and people want to be a part of what we are doing, so it makes it extra special.”

Driving the work that she does is that fact that rental proceeds through BCLS support TAF’s education programs. “It’s uplifting and encouraging because our building is showcased and money is being recycled into our education programs, students, and the growth of our organization.”

Geneva knows that it’s more than just a TAF thing – it’s a community thing here at BCLS. She wants you to take away from your time here that we are caring and we are the real thing. We want your event with us to make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

One of her most fond memories from working events at BCLS was from a family reunion held here. It was a perfect day in July and about 50-60 family members came together from all over Puget Sound. Ours was a central location for everyone to convene, so even their 90-plus year old great grandmother made her way here. The group was so impressed by our responsive and friendly staff that they sent Geneva a hand-written thank you card expressing their gratitude for their perfect day, perfect event, and very personalized experience at BCLS.

Geneva loves to see the joy and love on the faces of our guests. Come visit us for a tour and see how easily that joy and love is generated.

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