Fall Fashion at BCLS – A Photoblog

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Adriana Zazula with that pizzazz! A super cute belt holds up wide-legged floral print flowing pants.

Risa Nagel has a sweet button down long floral skirt and a V-neck sweater.

Velma Veloria – she’s always on point! Pictured here with geometric print pants and an Indonesian necklace.

Kylin Oliphant – a denim dress paired with black tights and ankle booties. The subtle belt and that smile, though!

Emily Nitz-Ritter is straight rockin’ those harem pants and blue hair!

Zumi Mizokami proudly got this grandma sweater from Goodwill.

Trish Millines-Dziko takes the cake with this old-school TAF jersey.

Aaron Garcia is pictured reppin’ those Aztecs! Arriba y andale!

It was the last day of heat when we caught Troy Hilton in this fit!

Romelia Santos means business with this fringy shawl.

Sherry Williams – stripes and studs and those cute black shoes.

Catherina Willard – top from Mazatlan and white moon boots.

Misha Jackson showing off some shoulder with this assymetrical top.

Elliot Wilson looking sharp and blending into the mosiac!

Mai Nguyen – this look wouldn’t be complete without that jar of yogurt.

Kelly Wakefield – sweater dress with a zip in the back and that hat.

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