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Get your free 30 day trial of CodeAvenger’s online learning platform for coders of all levels – students as young as 5 years old up to educators in the professional field can enjoy this expansive educational resource!

Innovation Generation

Take a virtual field trip to the Stanley Black & Decker MakerSpace! Learn how math, science, technology, creativity, and teamwork can lead to technological advancements in our everyday lives.

Dig Into Mining

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the mining process from planning to reclamation and see professionals at work on a Freeport-McMoRan mining site!

Boeing - FUTURE U

Join Boeing and & Discovery Education on a mission to inspire the world through aerospace innovation with an exclusive virtual field trip to historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Access Mars

Want to explore this neighboring planet? See Mars through the eyes of the Curiosity Rover and explore the 3D model using WebVR!

Toyota TeenDrive 365

Curious to know how artificial intelligence and automated vehicles work? Check out Toyota’s AI models and take a ride into the future of mobility!

The British Museum

Explore the world’s history of art, power & identity, religion, trade & conflict and more through The British Museum’s interactive timeline map of populations by continent and time.

Louvre Museum in Paris

An artist’s spectacle just a few clicks away; watch virtual tours of Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre’s Moar and Galerie d’Apollon. Content requires Media Flash Player to load.

Korea's Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art

Explore four different online exhibits at the MMCA including a detailed documentation and construction of the museum. See them all by clicking below!

Shakespeare 400

Celebrate the legacy of Shakespeare by taking a tour in his London based home where he wrote many of his theatrical masterpieces. Watch this 30 minute long video and others to learn about one of history’s greatest writers!

The Great Wall of China

Take a virtual, interactive tour of the Great Wall of China, spanning 3000 miles of one of the most impressive ancient structures in history. Read about its history and see it for yourself! 


Chad, Portugal, Tajikistan, Japan, Switzerland, Russia, Bhutan – the destinations are endless with AirPano’s virtual 360 degree panoramic tours of cities and countries around the world. No need to get on a plane, just click and go!

KUOW - Soundbites

Every Monday & Wednesday, new audible storytelling activities are made available on NPR’s KUOW Soundbites segment. Listen and start your adventure! Good for pre-teens and teens.

Yellowstone National Park

Immerse yourself in one of world’s largest national parks with interactive maps, 3D models of Old Faithful, and factual information about the famous Yellowstone National Park.

FarmFood 360

Curious to see how our food gets from farm to table? Check out these 360 degree virtual tours of dairy, grain, cheese, and egg production farms in Canada!

Panda Cam - Zoo Atlanta

Baby pandas on the internet? Say no more! The zoo’s website has a designated panda cam, panda updates, and information on on a panda keeper’s job!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

With ten live cams to choose from, you can experience the wonder of the ocean no matter where you are – everything from furry sea otters to calming jellies.

San Diego Zoo

Explore different kinds of mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, anthropoids, and more at the San Diego Zoo with fun fact information and live cam exhibits! Best for young learners aged 4-10 years old.

Nature Webcams

Pandas, penguins, polar bears and more! Choose from over 25 different nature webcams to observe animals in their natural habitats – see what they eat, how they raise their young, and their adaptations.

Lessons From Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic

Harvard University is offering this free online course on ClassCentral that covers the how, what, and why about Ebola and what this means for the next pandemic.

Generation Health

Curious to see how a medication goes from initial research to public consumption? Discover the fascinating science involved in the pursuit of a new medication in this virtual field trip!

Operation Prevention

Learn about the science behind the opioid crisis and how it affects real people from varying backgrounds through these virtual field trips provided by Operation Prevention.


Get free access to 16 different units on health and wellness through BrainPOP’s interactive learning tools for students level K-12!

St. Louis Children's Hospital

See it for yourself: Operating Rooms, Dialysis Units, Family Resource Center, and more! Virtually tour the ins and outs of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

CDC Learning Connection

Choose from a variety of trainings and online learning courses related to public health care and laboratory informatics from the CDC’s index. Account creation required.

Scholastic Learn At Home

Choose from a range of day-to-day project activities and learning courses for students of all ages (K-12) to keep reading, thinking, and growing!

Teaching with Testimony

Watch this 30 minute video to hear first-hand testimonies from students about how stories have potential to change the future!

Livestream Activities Calendar

Draw with Rob, try karate, do some yoga, or visit an online museum! This comprehensive list of livestream activities is a great way to stay entertained indoors.

PBS Learning Media

With an extensive library of online learning resources, lesson plans, and print-out activity sheets, the PBS Learning a great place for students of all ages to learn and expand their minds!


Learning is made fun through interactive games on math, science, spelling, grammar, history, and more! Search Funbrain’s online activities by grade or by subject.

ESL Online Games & Exercises

Is your student learning English as a second language? Help them practice with fun interactive learning modules focusing on vocabulary, pronunciation, and more!

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